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SF Bay Area Wedding Florist FAQ’s {Part 2}

Let’s face it- wedding planning is often a new experience for our couples. You have no idea where to start and wedding flowers are a completely foreign concept to you. I get it- and as an authority on the subject, I want to help! Get answers to your burning questions about planning & designing your wedding flowers here in my short series of FAQ’s. As a SF Bay Area Wedding Florist, I am located in a hot market and have worked with a diverse range of couples that are seeking a unique approach to their wedding floral design.

Let’s dig into PART TWO of questions you may have encountered as you started planning and looking for your dream wedding florist! Missed Part 1? Read it here.

Grab a coffee and pull up a seat!

SF Bay Area Wedding Florist FAQ's

The Design:

Q: Who will be designing my flowers?

A: I am hands on with every single wedding we perform- but, I can’t clone myself to perform the level of production we accomplish. We have a team of talented floral designers from around the SF Bay Area and beyond that design with us for each wedding! Each member of our design team has been selected for their speed, ability to design in my style, and execution of a quality in line with my expectations. The two designs that I will always have my hands on though, are the bridal bouquet and ceremony installations!

Q: How would you describe your design style?

A: I LOVE beautiful gardens and have spent my life immersed in all things gardening! My design style is inspired by lushness and romanticism of the English garden with an organic and naturalistic, yet layered approach.

Q: Do you do mockups?

A: Absolutely! Our full-service wedding clients sometimes want to see their centerpieces together with the rest of the table details & styling. We generally schedule mockups no more than three months before your wedding date.

The Materials:

Q: Am I buying the vases and vessels too?

A: While I could arrange to have your vessels ordered so you can keep them after your wedding, we typically have you rent them from our inventory. Rentals keep less waste from hitting the landfill, and you won’t be stuck with a pile of vases in your spare room afterwards. This is also helpful for our couples coming in from out-of-state or country!

Q: Do you have other rentals in addition to vases?

A: Yes! I have an EXTENSIVE collection of rentals in a wide range of styles. From candle holders & lanterns, to arches & structures- we have it all! Don’t worry, even if we don’t have the exact piece you are looking for, we can source it for you! Since I am a Bay Area Wedding Florist, we have a large network of suppliers in close proximity.

Q: What are your sustainability practices?

A: Sustainability is a cornerstone of our approach to design. We make a point to recirculate hard plastics! It is truly shocking how much of that the floral industry generates. We also design without foam wherever possible, opting for alternative, earth-friendly materials. Floral foam is extremely toxic to us and the planet. It doesn’t break down in the landfill, is full of Carbon Black, Microplastics, AND Formaldehyde. Read more about the toxicity of floral foam.

Q: How far in advance do you design and how are the flowers kept fresh?

A: Your wedding flowers arrive and are processed, hydrated, and designed in the week leading to your wedding! Since I have a team of designers by my side, we are able to fully prepare your designs in 3 days or less. From the time the flowers come into my care, until they arrive at your venue, they are stored in our cooler and transported in an air-conditioned vehicle.

Your Wedding Day:

Q: Who delivers my flowers?

A: Since I only book one full-service wedding per weekend, I am on site for delivery and setup of our full-service bookings. A la carte bookings may be delivered by another member of our team.

Q: When do you usually arrive for setup?

A: It really depends on the design plan and how many floral installations we have to create on-site. As a rule, we always arrive to deliver your bouquets & boutonnieres for photos earlier in the day before beginning our setup. That said, I ALWAYS suggest booking a venue that does NOT have a strict two hour window for setup. Your wedding florist (even if it’s not me) will THANK YOU. (Seriously- nothing makes us grouchier and more stressed out.)

Q: What if we are expecting bad weather?

A: As a Bay Area Wedding Florist based in California, I have seen weather of EVERY kind. From pouring rain, to firestorms and 100+ degree heatwaves- I have designed in some of the worst weather! No matter what we are expecting though, my couples know I ALWAYS having a backup plan. I will work in tandem with your venue and wedding planner to make sure we have an option for design no matter the location.

Q: What happens at the end of the night when the reception ends?

A: For full-service bookings, our team will return to cleanup our flowers, collect our rentals so you don’t have to return them later, and teardown any floral installations. We will package up and prepare any flowers you want to take home or send home with guests.

I hope this series of FAQ’s has helped you in your wedding planning journey & how you approach booking your floral designer!

Ready to get started planning your wedding flowers? Fill out our contact form here, and let’s schedule your design call!

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