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SF Bay Area Wedding Florist FAQ’s

Let’s face it- wedding planning is often a new experience for our couples. You have no idea where to start and wedding flowers are a completely foreign concept to you. I get it- and as an authority on the subject, I want to help! Get answers to your burning questions about planning & designing your wedding flowers here in my short series of FAQ’s. As a SF Bay Area Wedding Florist, I am located in a hot market and have worked with a diverse range of couples that are seeking a unique approach to their wedding floral design. Let’s dig into the questions you may have encountered as you started planning and looking for your dream wedding florist!

Before You Start Looking for a Florist:

Q: How far in advance should I book?

A: SF Bay Area Wedding Florists often begin filling up their calendar anywhere from six months to a year or more out. If you have already found someone whose work you LOVE and flowers are high up on your list of priorities, I would encourage you to book as soon as you are able!

Q: What other vendors should I book before my wedding florist?

A: The Venue and your Wedding Planner or Coordinator should be at the TOP of your list. No wedding day is complete without them! Your Photographer {or} your Florist should be next on your list. Which is a higher priority for you? Whose work and contribution to the day do you value more?

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Q: How much should I budget for my wedding flowers?

A: In the San Francisco Bay Area, full-service weddings designed by an experienced & professional florist typically start between $8k-10k. I always suggest that rather than having a rigid list of designs and an arbitrary budget- have a real conversation with the wedding florists you contact. Talk with them about your needs. Detail the designs you would really love to see, and what you are hoping to spend. Be flexible about floral varieties and exact design styles. Communicate the areas you want to highlight and maximize. A great florist will be able to craft a vision and design plan that will fulfill your desires and within the ideal budget.

Q: I don’t know anything about flowers or what I want- should I be looking for a florist yet?

A: Of course! You are hiring a professional designer for your wedding flowers so we can help you develop a vision. We won’t be annoyed if you don’t know the name of a flower you love- that is why we are here! We will get down to the nitty gritty and find the true essence of your wedding style together.

FAQ's answered by a SF Bay Area Wedding Florist
Frequently Asked Questions from a SF Bay Area Wedding Florist

Getting Proposals:

Q: How should I decide which florists to contact? How many proposals should I get?

A: The best strategy for finding a wedding florist and not wasting your time (or theirs) is to find two or three whose work you REALLY love. You should look for a florist that has reputable, public reviews from past couples & vendors. Look for details that make you feel confident in their abilities. They should have a professional website and an established brand on social media. You can really get a feel for their personality there!

Q: What is included in your proposal?

A: I am really proud of the level of detail we provide in our proposals for new couples! Within your proposal, you will receive a style board and description that shows you what your vision will look like as a whole. An itemized quote will be included, with inspiration for each design so you can get an idea of what it could look like! My contract and a detailed payment schedule is there for you to review as well. Our proposal really gives you a full and complete picture of what to expect when it comes to your wedding flowers!

Booking Processes:

Q: How do I book my date?

A: To start, you will filling out our contact form so I can confirm availability. After we have confirmed we are open on your date, we schedule a design call to learn more about your vision and wedding details. A custom proposal is prepared for your review, and we make any adjustments to it as needed. If we have nailed your vision and you are ready to book, a down payment and signed contract will secure your date!

Q: What should I do to prepare for my design call?

A: Spend some time on Instagram and Pinterest and get a feel for the colors and styles you love! You don’t need to have an exact picture of what you want in your wedding flowers, but some visual details will help us know what you like and don’t like. Quantities of tables and a list of other rentals you may have booked, or a guest count is helpful here if you can’t get those details yet!

Check out my Pinterest board where you can source floral inspiration you love!

Q: How long will the design call last and what will we be discussing?

A: Typically, our design calls with new couples last anywhere from 15-30 minutes. First, we will chat and get to know each other! Next, we will go over your vision as a whole, any details you have confirmed, as well as features of designs that you’ve seen. Finally, the purpose of the design call is also to see if we are a good fit creatively! We want to make sure my design style and creative inspiration aligns with your vision too!

I hope this has been helpful to you, and makes you feel better about starting to plan your wedding flowers!

For more answers to your burning questions, head to FAQ’s: Part 2! Ready to get started planning your wedding flowers? Fill out our contact form here, and let’s schedule your design call!

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