Before i became a floral designer, i was just a little girl who fell in love with flowers.

It all begins with the story of a little girl who would frequently ask her parents to go "collect colors" and excitedly pluck freshly bloomed flowers from the front yards in her neighborhood. It was her favorite thing to do and she looked forward to it every day. She befriended an elderly French woman named Marie, who lived a few houses down and would spend hours with her in her rose garden during the summer, learning how to care for flowers and exploring scents & colors to her little heart's content.  Nothing made her happier than getting to take cut roses home from Marie's garden.

My story

i didn't choose a life in flowers because i needed a job- I created this business because it's something i love & i want to share it with the world.

I think about Marie every time I walk through my own flower garden now, and how her love and devotion to her flowers inspires me to this day. As I tear up writing this, thinking about how beautiful life's journey is, and the gratitude I feel for spending so much of it connected to flowers- I have Marie to thank for taking the time and nurturing that passion that blossomed in me at such a young age.  Here I am, decades later, designing with flowers from all over the world for couples who love them just as much as I do. 

The truth is, I didn't choose a life in flowers because I needed a job- I created a business because it's something I love and I want to share it with the world. I take great pride in how I show up for my couples, and my goal heading into every wedding is for you to love flowers even more than the day you started working with me. My distinct, garden-inspired design style and strategic process has evolved over years of education and experience designing weddings and events at venues near and far. No matter where we are flowering though, every floral design that leaves my care is curated with an intentional and detailed eye.

Just like my journey that brought me here, I firmly believe your wedding should never look like anyone else's- it should be like a fingerprint, unique to you and you alone. Over the years, I have built a network of the best flower farmers, suppliers, and vendors to partner with and fulfill the vision for your event. I am proud of the time we have spent working with couples around the country to create beautiful and memorable events, and connecting over a shared love of flowers. Thank you for listening to my story- I can't wait to hear yours.

A white-glove

I believe in

It is common knowledge that planning a wedding can be a stressful experience, but it has been my mission from day one to provide my couples with the most streamlined process and hands-on approach to developing your vision and  implementing it in a way that doesn't present you with more constraints, but opens the door to more opportunities.

The Intentional Use of Color

Color is an integral feature of design, and I believe it alone  is what truly captures the emotive qualities of any wedding and communicates your personality & style without ever having to say a word. We carry with us a deep understanding of color theory, the way colors work together in a palette, and how to expertly apply it to our floral design.

 I believe in

What sets me apart from other designers

As an avid gardener, it is important to me that we utilize sustainable and environmentally-friendly options as much as possible. Many designers employ foam free mechanics nowadays- but we don't stop there. Hard plastics are reused as often as possible; we operate with an extensive rental decor collection (so our couples can rent our vessels and less goes to the landfill); we don't use synthetic textiles of any kind; and we source from our local flower growers first!

Sustainability Practices

Through the years, I have collaborated both with my clients & vendors alike, to bring to life a wide range of stylistic visions. With a spectrum of creative inspiration and experience,  and materials from around the globe at my disposal, I can integrate my signature garden style and an old-world aesthetic into any inspiration or special element. 

Design skills

Obstacles can easily overwhelm couples, whether it be budgeting, logistics or design elements. Our couples experience a different approach to problem solving, though. Unexpected changes come up throughout the planning process, but rather than presenting more problems, I focus on proposing unique solutions. We work closely with the rest of your vendor team to confidently overcome any hurdles we come upon & collaborate to come to creative resolutions without compromising your vision.

creative solutions

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