Passionately designing events that exude old world glamour and grace, with modern, stylish details...

It's so lovely to meet you! I am Autumn, the owner & lead designer of this widely-praised wedding design studio.  As an experienced floral designer, my emphasis on romantic, garden-inspired designs and large floral installations are the cornerstones of designing your wedding and the visual experience. I don't believe in simply finding a pretty picture on Pinterest and basing your wedding style off of that- but creating a color story that is tasteful and special to you, and using floral and textures to bring it to life is what makes our designs notoriously memorable. 


I am known for romantic design that brings a classic and timeless sophistication to every gathering.

My signature style has evolved over years of education and experience designing weddings and events. Intentional use of color applied to that styling is what sets my work apart from other designers and I love the challenge of making a popular wedding color story unique. Every floral design that leaves my studio is curated with an intentional and detailed eye, and I put the same amount of attention and focus into the other details of your event as well. I am continually inspired by timeless, classic style and believe your wedding should be an event you look back on, as if it was just yesterday. I also firmly believe your wedding should never look like anyone else's- it should be like a fingerprint, unique to you and you alone. I work closely with my couples to create just that: a day designed around an emotive, romantic color story with lush florals, and carefully selected details that tell the unique story of your love. 

Refined and distinct touches are what make our events unique; and incorporating subtle, yet intentional use of contrasting color, gives your event a visually appealing focal point and develops intrigue. We love designing with garden roses, seasonal floral, and textured foliage to create romantic and soothing arrangements. I love working with clients that trust me to create and design an event that is polished, captivating, and authentically you

Old World Influences

I believe in

Much of our inspiration comes from old-world, European influences: captivating gardens, lush floral designs, castles and ruins, open countryside. Humble, yet refined elegance- rooted in old-world art & culture are some elements that drive our vision and designs.

The Intentional, Subtle Use of Color

Color is an integral feature of design, and I believe it alone, is what truly captures the emotive qualities of any wedding. The romantic transitions between accents and depth that it introduces to each and every design is what will take your breath away every time. 

 I believe in

What sets Autumn apart from other designers

With one designer guiding the vision of your wedding, we are setting the stage for a captivating and visually pleasing day for you and your guests to simply enjoy. By offering both Floral & Event Design in a singular package for a more inclusive experience, we maintain the cohesive direction of your wedding style.

The Marriage of Floral & Event Design

Your wedding should be true to your style and personality, tying together elements that are special and authentic to both you and your fiancé. It's our job as the designer to identify those features and craft uniquely refined touches to bring sophisticated elegance to your wedding style.

Classic, Romantic, Timeless Style

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Much like the story that brought you to this moment, this love- I deeply and unapologetically enjoy every part of creating an inclusive experience for my clients. I have spent years streamlining my process and services to ensure you have the absolute best experience with me and get to savor the planning and development of your vision. 

The Love of the Journey

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