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Floral Design with Your Space in Mind

Let’s talk about how we plan your wedding flowers and design to best utilize your space. As a wedding florist, I see a lot of opinions on this from people that don’t have a clue what goes into it. These conversations should generally take place between you, your planner, and your floral designer. It is easy to be sucked into the void of wedding inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram, or whatever platform you use; however, it is really important to work toward a realistic vision, with the resources you have available.

The keyword being, realistic.

For example- there was a time when all of the major blogs were pushing the idea of repurposing. Again, no hate from me here for that concept. It was all the rage to save a buck by repurposing bridesmaid bouquets as centerpieces. Here is something they didn’t tell you though: bridesmaids bouquets are out of water for hours. They are often exposed to so much damage as they’re being handled. Expecting them to be in suitable tabletop conditions by the reception is simply unrealistic. The blogs won’t tell you that though. I’ll tell you why: people that write them generally are not hands on, and generally do not see the day-to-day of weddings and events- they’re just copywriters.

So let’s talk about my THREE top considerations for planning out floral designs. (Because why wouldn’t you want to get the most out of your gorgeous flowers?)


Many couples choose to relocate some of their designs. Design integrity is the most important detail to consider when relocating. Will that design still be in good condition by the time it’s moved? To begin with, they absolutely should have a water source and treated correctly to withstand various environmental conditions. (RE: my tangent about bridesmaids bouquets above). 

Aisle gardens and broken arches are both FANTASTIC designs to relocate from the ceremony to your reception. We frequently use them to dress up the sweetheart table! They’re typically designed in vessels with a water source, holding up in the harsh sun and transitioning to other areas with ease.

For Ana & Andrei’s Wedding we allocated more of their investment to the ceremony designs and relocated them to the sweetheart table, leaving more funds for other venue spaces.


Consider venue accessibility and your timeline. Will there be enough time for your floral designer to move those designs to another area by the time your guests are mingling in that space? We try to cause as little disruption as possible to your festivities. Making sure there is enough time allocated for relocating designs is ESSENTIAL. Discuss this with your wedding florist and find out how much time they need to move those designs, and what you or your vendor team can do to help speed up the process.

As wedding florists, we can recommend the best ways to repurpose from one area of your venue to another.
For example- Villa Montalvo in Saratoga has expansive grounds and a one-way access road, so relocation from the Love Temple ceremony site back up to the Villa for the reception needs to be taken into account both logistically and in relation to the timeline.


Talk to your planner or floral/event designer about the mood you are looking to create. Are there settings within the venue you want to highlight? You may have a limited number of designs you are able to repurpose and relocate. Ensure you have the most visual impact in the areas you want to bring attention to by discussing it with your wedding florist or planner.

As wedding florists, it is our responsibility to advise you in the best measures you can take to fulfill your vision, and how relocating designs can play a role.

This is why I encourage you to book with a wedding florist you trust. We work hard to ensure that the vision you have for your wedding flowers and aesthetic as a whole will come together. Communicating those desires to us is the most helpful thing you can do to help us achieve it. Is environmental consciousness important to you? Are you are working with a strict budget and need to invest in your flowers strategically? Let your wedding florist know what those needs or expectations are so we can counsel you and offer suggestions that will bring your vision to life with the resources available!

Vendor Credits: Planning by Caitlin McDonald Events | Imagery by Dreamwood Photo & Video | Venue – Villa Montalvo | Linens by BBJ La Tavola | Rentals by Hensley Event Resources

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