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Ranunculus: A Wedding Favorite

Floral Features

Welcome to a new blog series- Floral Features! In each post I will be highlighting popular and trending floral varieties and colors. To kick off the series, I want to start with one of my FAVORITE wedding flower varieties that offers much diversity in its color, shape- and is one of the hardiest event flowers I have ever used.

White Ranunculus | One of the most popular wedding flowers.

The Spring Blooming Beauty

These beauties are one of the most popular wedding flowers: ALL of my couples have fallen in love with their range of shades. Coming in blush, pink, fuchsia, salmon, yellow, green, orange, burgundy, plum, red, and chocolate, they can be utilized in ANY palette. They have a beautiful, delicate, buttercup shape with thin, layered, and petals, making them an excellent addition to any wedding design. They are one of the HARDIEST event flowers I have ever worked with and can last days out of water without losing their glow. In other words, Ranunculus don’t require a water source which make them ideal for hand-held bouquets, garlands, flat lays, installations, boutonnieres, corsages, floral crowns or hairpieces. On the other hand, when out of season, they can sport a soft, hollow stem- so they require additional help to keep them from bending or drooping. A long piece of floral wire sent up the center of the stem and into the head will keep them upright and beautiful! Since they do require extra care to keep them looking fresh and pretty, they are generally on the higher end of floral prices, especially out-of-season.

Offered in many different and unique colors, Ranunculus are a go-to for many floral designers as they can pull varied bursts of different colors into any design. My personal favorites shades are blush, soft yellow, salmon, and burgundy.

Ranunculus were layered in this gazebo design without a water source in 104 degrees and full sun! Image by Elizabeth Pishal Photography.

An Abundance of Varieties

Ranunculus come in a few different varieties: Butterfly Ranunculus, Cloni Ranunculus, Japanese Ranunculus, and standard Ranunculus. Butterfly Ranunculus are a simply wonderful favorite of mine, and so delicate in appearance! Showing multiple blooms per stem and a handful of petals per bloom, they offer a lot of movement within the designs and their soft stems give them a very whimsical aesthetic. Cloni’s on the other hand, have very large heads, comparable with a garden rose and are equally as expensive, averaging $12 retail for a single bloom. In short, they are definitely worth the expense and are a wonderful flower to use in any wedding design!

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