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When Life Guides you to Change…

I found myself writing what felt like a novel as an Instagram post, ran out of space, and decided this was a good excuse to begin blogging again.

The Latest:

Working on things behind the scenes is filling my days these last couple of months. I’ll be the first to admit I always welcome a break from social media, but that never means I’m not as busy as ever! This year I’ve not just been prioritizing Santa Cruz area weddings, but actively spending more time on things in my personal life as well.

Over the last month, we’ve been having some deep discussions about life, and what we want that to look like five… even ten years from now.

For me, at this point, I’m feeling called to return to my roots. I want to step back from the rush of growth, and take action on things I love to do most.

That looks like:

  • Investing more time in my garden, helping others be more food-secure, and educating people in the skills that have been lost to convenience-culture. Much of my life has been spent learning and developing said skills. I know, of all the hats I wear, this will be the most impactful. (More on where you can follow me in this endeavor soon!)
  • Writing. In the past, I wrote so often- poetry, short stories, essays… Through the years, I have lost touch with that which means so much to me. I really look forward to finding my way back to it, and sharing more broadly than ever.
  • I’ve realized in this one life we live and share, that even though things can get unnecessarily busy- by accident, or by design, spending time with family and friends is the one thing that you’ll never get back once the opportunity is gone.

Image @adrienneanddani

That being said, some changes are coming to our studio starting in 2024:

The majority of the weddings I service will be in Los Gatos, Santa Cruz, and Carmel Valley. Though I love to travel, doing it all the time is beyond exhausting, leaving me with little energy for those other things I outlined. Reverting to a local Santa Cruz Wedding Florist, allows me to come back to where it all began, and service weddings closest to home in our local community.

I will still take two or three weddings outside of those service areas per year, whether that be stateside, or abroad, but 90% of my bookings will be local moving forward.

As such, I will be changing my rates, effective immediately, to meet the needs of those revised service areas. For weddings in Santa Cruz, Los Gatos, and Carmel Valley, I will require a minimum of $5000- while the few bookings I take outside of those areas will require a minimum of $12000.

All else holds constant, and I’m as dedicated as ever to the couples that choose to work with me here in the community around Santa Cruz. I am so grateful for the insight and period of self-reflection that has led me to make these changes for my own health and sanity, so I am more present for those I love.

Thank you for being here. I’m most grateful to you all.


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When Life Guides you to Change…



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